The Average Diet and Why it’s So Dangerous

Healthy 4 U’s personal trainers meet a lot of people for consultations, approximately five people a week so we get to see lots of ‘average people diets’ and I can tell you first hand that a lot of these diets are poison ridden and extremely harmful to the body.

If you want to lose weight quickly and healthily then you better sit up and take note of the recommendations I’m about to give if you’re not currently doing them already.

Here is a shocking statistic for you, in 1900 the prevalence of cancer was 1 in 30 and then by only 1995 the chances of someone getting cancer was 1 in 3 and that’s currently on track to rise to 1 in 2 !

Diet isn’t the only factor of course but it is one of the major ones.

A lot of the food we currently eat is carcinogenic and very distrustful to the body’s homeostasis (balance) this disruption to the balance of the body causes great stress on its systems and function leading to dis-ease. The body literally can’t take the stress of food that is wrong for a person’s metabolic type, food that is nutritionally devoid, toxic and full of chemicals. It starts to break-down and then symptoms appear such as diabetes type II, heart disease, frequent colds and fatigue.

After all ‘We are what we eat’.

It’s now known that the cells of the body are completely new after only one year, we used to think they were completely regenerated once every three years.

So if you are literally making every part of your body from the inputs in your life like diet, your experiences, how you digest food and respond to stress don’t you think it’s important to eat great quality food that suits you as an individual.

This is a breakdown of an average day from an average prospect that one of my personal training and health coaching team meet before the start of their coaching.

  • Skips break-Fast as she is too busy or tired in the mornings. (after sleeping!)
  • Maybe at 11 am she will be hungry so has a coffee to get over the hunger prangs and to be able to continue working.
  • She is feeling weak and shakey due to not eating enough so goes straight to the café for a chicken sandwich with white bread and commercial mayonnaise.
  • Gets busy at work and forgets to eat a healthy snack.
  • Gets home and eats finally at 7.30pm, a meal like chicken and white rice, maybe with some vegetables if she can be bothered to prepare them.
  • Goes to sleep at 12.30 after relaxing in front of the TV.

This is a realistic average day for many people before I meet them.

Let me explain why it’s so damaging to someone’s health.

  • There are a very limited amount of diverse and good quality nutrients in that diet snapshot. If you look for things like varied vitamins, minerals and co-factors where are they? If you look for good quality fats from olive, coconut and animal meats where are they? Nowhere to be seen.
  • There is no high quality organic food in that daily diet at all meaning her food is loaded with chemicals and is poisoning her body while at the same time delivering up to 40% less nutrients.
  • This person most probably has an overload of carbohydrates compared to the protein they should eat, of course that depends on if they should eat more carbs, protein or a mix of the two but whenever someone has too much carbs you are likely to see mood swings, blood sugar handling problems, possible insulin resistance or diabetes type II, lack of energy balance and concentration.
  • They most likely will be overloaded with toxins, when the body has too many toxins it does not want to release further toxins from inside fat cells to protect the already overloaded body therefore weight loss is made difficult.
  • 50-75% of Caucasians are gluten intolerant and therefore someone like this if they were gluten intolerant would possibly have all sorts of digestive distress like gas, burping, constipation and acid reflux.
  • They would most likely be overweight due to the high amount of heavy carbs they are eating. Its easy to gain weight by eating things like bread, pasta and cakes. Not so easy to over eat meat because of the enzyme that meats contain that give people the feeling of being satiated (feeling full).
  • They will most likely be having a hard time concentrating and maintaining a balanced energy level, leading to mistakes and low productivity at work and in their personal life.

This is only a few of the ways that an average diet can lead to health complications and imbalance.

For advice on a diet I recommend please browse through my other blog posts.

Good Luck with your health and fitness goals.

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