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Quick and Unusual Tips on Diet and Health

Average Diet and Why it’s So DangerousHere are the 10 Quick and Unusual Tips on Diet and Health for all of you:
1. Don’t use a microwave, it heats food by oscillating it at about a billion times a second damaging the nutrients, vitamins and minerals in the food.
2. Avoid Soy, 99% of it is genetically modified, playing havoc with the body.

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How Wearable Fitness Devices Can Make Your Corporate Wellness Program Work Better

Average Diet and Why it’s So DangerousWearable fitness devices seem to have made all the difference in encouraging many employees to participate in corporate wellness programs. These devices monitor employees’ compliance with the company’s stated fitness goals, while providing personal health data such as blood pressure, blood sugar levels, heart rate and eating habits.

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The Average Diet and Why it’s So Dangerous

Average Diet and Why it’s So DangerousHealthy 4 U’s personal trainers meet a lot of people for consultations, approximately five people a week so we get to see lots of ‘average people diets’ and I can tell you first hand that a lot of these diets are poison ridden and extremely harmful to the body.

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Tim Garrett from Healthy 4 U Talks to Gulf News

Healthy 4 U at gulf news DubaiTim Garrett told Gulf News that in hot weather, the heart needs to work more to ensure that muscles are oxygenated and the body temperature is maintained.
Tim Garrett also said that working out in the heat can pose a risk. “One should take the necessary precautions to keep the body as cool as possible. Symptoms of heat exhaustion can vary from heavy sweating, clammy skin and nausea to weakness. When body temperature rises above 39.4C, it could result in a rapid and strong pulse, weakness in any part of the body and even unconsciousness. Cramps in the legs are common.”

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Goal achievement, Tim Garrett's FM Radio show notes

Healthy 4 U at Dubai Eye FM Radio 103.8Tim Garrett, the owner of Healthy 4 U Dubai, talked on a special FM Radio show at Dubai Eye 103.8 and made some notes on paper... you are welcome to see the notes and hear him

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Choosing the right personal trainer for your Health and Fitness

Healthy 4 U DubaiI wanted to write this blog post to help all the people that were considering hiring a personal trainer to help them achieve their goals. It’s also for those of you out there who have a personal trainer at the moment and want a benchmark to rate their performance.
I understand that it can be a big commitment financially and a very important decision. I will try to be as un-biased as possible, bringing to the fore my 15 years of experience in the health and fitness industry.
I have been a personal trainer in the UK and UAE for over 13 years and I have come across some of the best and some of the worst personal trainers from all over the world. Some of the things I have seen have amazed and dismayed me in equal measure.

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Eating Plan for Ramadan Kareem from the team at Healthy 4 U

Eating Plan for RamadanSo the holy month of Ramadan has come and thus may feel like a month full of fulfilling discipline but what a great time to start transforming your life! What Ramadan teaches us is discipline, charity and being close to Allah. The discipline involved in fasting is something we can use to help us detoxify and cleanse our bodies and ones of the best ways to do this to follow the Healthy 4 U Whole-istic eating system.
Many of the same principles apply such as eating a nice protein breakfast but also trying to include some good fiber carbohydrates....

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How to lose weight fast, the Healthy 4 U way. Question and Answer Session

Blog imageIn this blog post I want to share with you the keys to successful, healthy, long-term body fat loss.
Question: Is diet the most important factor when trying to lose weight fast?
Answer: It will really depend on your specific situation, for some people 99% of the work that needs doing may be in regard to their holistic health, things like handling stress well, getting enough, well timed, great quality sleep or improving their digestion could be the thing that helps them lose a lot of weight as quickly as possible.

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The Importance of Stress Control: The Weight Loss Nemesis

Blog imageFrom my 15 years of experience I have to say that high stress levels are probably the most under-appreciated blocking factor that either stops people losing body fat or contributes to their weight gain.
I have seen many people who eat healthily and exercise consistently and effectively yet still have a problem with excess body fat, why can this be?

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Gaining Muscle, The key to Fast and Effective long term Weight Loss

Blog imageThis is often at the consultation stage or during the first or second personal training session. I find a lot of my female Clients often need to hear the science behind why they won’t get large muscles a couple of times until they are totally convinced.
Once they start to see the fantastic results they can achieve then they are totally sold.

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The Benefits of a Health Coach

If there is one thing that a personal trainer must to help his or her Clients achieve true health and achieve their goals then it is to either work in partnership with or learn how to become an expert health coach.
One of the most important things I have learnt from over 15 years experience in the health and fitness industry is that helping your Clients through what you think is an effective workout simply won’t cut it.

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Body Fat Modulation- Can you Lose Weight on your Stomach and Thighs only?

Let me give you the answer you are likely to get from different trainers:
The rookie: Yes, all you need to do is to work the muscle in that area.
The experienced trainer: No, working a muscle underneath the body fat does not make a direct difference to the body fat above the muscle. Although the more muscle you have the more calories you burn and the more you work the muscles the longer you raise your metabolism, this will lead to the increased likelihood that you will create a calorie deficit therefore lose body fat.

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Do You Want to Transform Your Life?

If I or a member of my team members can help one of our Clients achieve a life-style change then I consider our work to be a resounding success.
Right from the outset we try to install in our Clients the philosophy of being the type of person who is 'healthy'. The type of person, who eats healthily, takes care of their life style and exercises.

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Healthy Meal and Fresh Almond Milk Recipe

Blog imageI wanted to share you with 1 healthy menu item and 1 healthy smoothy that you can make when you are following the ‘Healthy 4 U Body Fat Loss Diet System’.
Lots of my Clients are on the go and have very busy lives, I encourage them to slow down to at least have enough time to eat without distractions & sleep well but there are always times that a quick meal or drink is the perfect problem solver to great nutrition when you have a very busy schedule.

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Whats it Like to Do Personal Training in Dubai

I certainly never imagined that I would be doing personal training with such amazing people and in such amazing places when I was a personal trainer in Leamington Spa, a small-ish town in central England.
I have worked in some great gyms in the UK but it really doesn’t compare to Dubai.
Comparing walking into the beach club and gym at Jumeirah Beach Hotel to working in even the best gym in Warwickshire is incomparable When you walk up the stairs of the gym at the Jumeirah Beach Hotel that reveals the expansive view on to the marina with the multimillion dollar boats set amongst the blue seas and even bluer skies, it takes your breath away. I will always remember my first visit to that notorious gym, its mind blowing.

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Hello.. from Healthy 4 U

Blog imageI am a personal trainer and health coach from Dubai in the UAE. I own a personal training and health coaching company here in Dubai that I am in the process of expanding. We have some fantastic information to offer you.
Our mission is:
‘To transform as many peoples lives through health and fitness as possible, affecting our Clients and all those around them.”
I really hope that you will receive some awesome information that will make a huge difference in your life.

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