Body Fat Modulation- Can you Lose Weight on your Stomach and Thighs only?

Let me give you the answer you are likely to get from different trainers:

The rookie: Yes, all you need to do is to work the muscle in that area.

The experienced trainer: No, working a muscle underneath the body fat does not make a direct difference to the body fat above the muscle. Although the more muscle you have the more calories you burn and the more you work the muscles the longer you raise your metabolism, this will lead to the increased likelihood that you will create a calorie deficit therefore lose body fat.

The Healthy 4 U Expert: Yes, There are 12 hormone receptor sites in the body and imbalances in the correlating hormones can lead to increased body fat in those areas of the body. For example if you have a cortisol imbalance then you are more likely to gain body fat in the abdomen area.

Now as the experienced trainers said just working a muscle beneath a body fat problem area is not going to fix the problem.

The way I explain losing body fat to Clients is so forth:

  • The first two factors, being healthy enough and high stress, are extremely significant blocking factors if they are out of balance as they are the foundations to body fat loss. If these are not stopping your weight loss, then, if you burn more calories than you consume you should lose body fat.
  • I then go onto explain the body fat storage/loss equation as a way of understanding body fat loss. When someone eats more calories than they burn then the body says what am I going to do with these extra calories, it then stores them for future use in places like the abdomen area.
  • To lose body fat you have to burn more calories than you are consuming through exercise and eating healthily, then if your body is healthy enough and not too stressed then you will lose body fat because there isn’t enough calories coming from your daily food intake to fuel your body, that means your body has to eat into fat supplies so that you can continue using your body.

For more information on body fat modulation then check out the Charles Poliquin site:

Also the experts at Healthy 4 U are trained in holistic health coaching which brings about hormone balance in the body, therefore helping you lose body fat in the problem areas you have.

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