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testimonial of AndreaDear Jack As you well know I I was diagnosed recently Syndrome X as an explanation of my long time obesity. Together with the medical cure of Dr. Khalil I have asked your professional support in order to re-activate my lazy metabolism. By visiting almost everyday the gym - on top of the medical cures pre-scripted - under your professional guidance I have already lost some weight gaining a better physical shape. We have started a joint path that hopefully will lead to reduce my body-fat percentage of another 20 kilograms within the end of 2017, returning to my ideal weight. Many thanks for Your good work, Best, Andrea

Posted by: Andrea
UAE, Posted on: July 18, 2017

testimonial of Miranda NathanErin has worked with me since I made the decision to get back into shape following the birth of my second child. What I thought was going to be a long hard slog has turned out to be an absolute pleasure, and has given me a ton more confidence as well, of course, as vastly improving my health and fitness. Erin comes to each session with new and innovative ways to keep me interested and challenged, and really takes the time to tailor our workouts to fit my personal goals and preferences.I cherish the two sessions a week we have together as my 'me' time, where I can really focus on my body and mind; and I always come away with my mood lifted and my muscles aching!After two months I am getting countless comments from friends and family who have noticed my slimmer shape, and more importantly, I can feel the difference in the way my clothes fit, as well as my enhanced energy levels!

Posted by: Miranda Nathan
Dubai, Posted on: March 4, 2015

testimonial of Raghda ShaheenErin has been a great motivation and transformation catalyst in my life. After 3 consecutive pregnancies and running after my children I never thought I would be able to achieve where I am today. Erin worked on me as a whole; not just my body, but my soul and my mind too. She believes it is all linked. Erin provided me with motivating quotes, recipes and even workout music ! anything to keep me going. I am someone who never liked exercise, but thanks to Erin I go to the gym now every night and I send her my achievement. thank you Erin for helping in this transformation journey.

Posted by: Raghda Shaheen
Dubai, Posted on: March 4, 2015

testimonial of Kenny AdamsSarah has developed both my diet and fitness regime to a level I'am exceptionally happy with. My diet changes have given me more sustained energy through the day and the physical training has adapted me to a new training plan which keeps my weight at a great level. My strength and endurance has improved without a huge change in muscle mass which was what I wanted. Overall I feel healthy, fitter and happier with all areas, all thanks to her and her approach.

Posted by: Kenny Adams
United Arab Emirates, Posted on: May 26, 2015

testimonial of Sophie ElliottFor Sarah Crowther: " I’ve always been an emotional eater and never more so than after three months of travelling around Australia. Having enjoyed a few too many kangaroo burgers, I was seriously out of shape, not just physically but mentally, too, as the psychological effect of gaining weight triggered yet more eating and fuelled a viscous feeding circle. I needed help and I needed it fast. With her considerate and deeply caring approach, Sarah was an absolute Godsend, working hard to improve my fitness level and overall tone, as well as identifying eating ‘triggers’, so key to my overall nutrition. Once pinpointed, we worked together to overcome each one, engaging what I can only describe as a life-changing system of positive thinking. Pulling me up whenever I was self critical or even remotely negative, Sarah has transformed my thought process and shown me first-hand the power of positive mental attitude, something I’d heard a lot about but never fully appreciated – until now.There are many things I love about training with Sarah but most of all it is her wonderful demeanour. While she’s no fool and pushes me hard in the gym, she is also one of the kindest people I have ever met, going the extra mile to ensure I achieve the results I want and sharing in the joy when we smash yet another hard-earned goal together. With Sarah’s help, my tears of sadness (yes, I blubbed!) have turned into tears of joy. I really can’t recommend her enough; she is a true gem and an absolute pleasure to work with. Hire her now! " Sophie Elliot

Posted by: Sophie Elliott
United Arab Emirates, Posted on: May 26, 2015

testimonial of SaumyaI was a person with a very low self esteem and started gaining a lot of weight after my 2nd baby.. a month back I actually looked at myself and decided I had to change my lifestyle, but honestly didnt have much expectations. . My husband got in touch with Tim Garrett and the change started from there on! Following Tims instructions and guidelines was really good and interesting I must say! I actually enjoyed it and in one week I lost 3.5 kgs! Someone actually spending time to remind you of your health, Long story short I not only lost weight but also felt good and positive about myself, still enjoy following the routine. Thank you Tim, for the dedicated on the dot time and positivity!

Posted by: Saumya
United Arab Emirates, Posted on: May 26, 2015

testimonial of Tom MorganTwo weeks after starting with Tim and 2 weeks into the Paleo diet and some proper exercise and im feeling much healthier. Lots more energy and no dips in blood sugar during the day. My lovely girlfriend noticed too. Less of a double chin and not so much belly.

Posted by: Tom Morgan
United Arab Emirates, Posted on: July 11, 2015

testimonial of Deepa GurnaniSuperb! Cannot recommend Tim enough. I am totally a non-gym person and generally do not like exercising. But the way I used to feel after my training was just OUT OF THIS WORLD!! So much more energy, clarity of mind, sharper concentration... wow! Also, his tips regarding food were very helpful. A few weeks of paleo diet and training made me feel like I could move mountains if I wanted to ;)Great way to get fit and lean.

Posted by: Deepa Gurnani
UAE, Posted on: October 18, 2015

testimonial of Yvone HealyI started my Healthier Lifestyle sessions with Tim a few months back. I have made steady progress in a more healthier lifestyle. Lost a few kilos and continue to do so from the great nutritional and healthier choicesTim gave me to follow. Tim has also made me aware of certain health problems I may have that was impacting my weight loss. That is now being addressed by a medical practitioner thanks to Tim.Thanks Tim from a much healthier Yvonne

Posted by: Yvone Healy
United Arab Emirates, Posted on: October 21, 2015

testimonial of TracenIf only there were more clever people like you!

Posted by: Tracen
608E7TvNK, Posted on: May 12, 2016
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