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  • Did you know how damaging polyunsaturated fats are? Did you know they damage the bodies ability to 1. Use, 2. Transport and 3. Expel glucose In the blood stream?
  • The placental barrier (the barrier between mother and her baby in the womb) will block polyunsaturated fats just like it does tobacco smoke. That’s how damaging these types of unsaturated fats can be. Polyunsaturated fats being toxic also destroy the beta cells of the pancreas decreasing your body’s own ability to produce insulin, making the situation worse.
  • When you eat the typical diet you are getting a high dose of polyunsaturated fats naturally.

I often find that insulin resistance and diabetes can be reversed relatively quickly if a person follows certain dietary and lifestyle modifications.

It’s very important to realise that if you have high blood sugar levels that it’s vital to lower them as soon as possible. You will have some beta cells left (the cells that produceglucose in the pancreas) no matter how high your levels are, reducing them will enable you to handle the insulin producing foods you may eat.

Diabetes isn’t simply a problem caused by high sugar intake and its important to realise there is a difference in the so called ‘Sugary’ foods and how quickly they raise your blood sugar levels, did you know some types of rice are twice as sugary as polysaccharide (white table sugar)! Grains are certainly a major cause of insulin spikes but you may be surprised to learn that certain fruits due to their high potassium levels don’t cause a significant insulin spike. It has been shown since the detection of stem cells that beta cells can actually be renewed or created again so there is hope so sticking to a strict plan, at least for a period of 2 to 6 weeks until your body is healthier. If you want help on that plan, coaching and guidance then get in touch today.

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