Whats it Like to Do Personal Training in Dubai

So what’s it like to do personal training in Dubai? Well now you get to find out

I have been here for just under 6 years now.

I certainly never imagined that I would be doing personal training with such amazing people and in such amazing places when I was a personal trainer in Leamington Spa, a small-ish town in central England.

I have worked in some great gyms in the UK but it really doesn’t compare to Dubai.

Comparing walking into the beach club and gym at Jumeirah Beach Hotel to working in even the best gym in Warwickshire is incomparable When you walk up the stairs of the gym at the Jumeirah Beach Hotel that reveals the expansive view on to the marina with the multimillion dollar boats set amongst the blue seas and even bluer skies, it takes your breath away. I will always remember my first visit to that notorious gym, its mind blowing.

Then there are the amazing people you come across, of course there are the wonderful people that take care of children 24/7/365 without an hour or day off all year (hats off to all those stay at home parents) The people that have impressed me the most as I aspire to great success is the ultra successful and clever businessmen and women I come into contact with.

Just to give a glimpse into one of my ‘Big Success’ Clients (naming no names). At the moment his current Whatsapp profile picture captures the walkway out of his private plane to his two Rolls Royce Phantoms sitting outside waiting to pick him up! The same Client has, along with his 2 brothers 26 cars. I love cars so we certainly had something to talk about during our sessions.

Then I get to meet many successful businessmen, I tend to ask a lot of questions and soak up the information. I love learning and listening to them is a great education for me. You know what they say; “look at the lives of the top 5 people you spend the most time and this is likely to be what your life will look like in 5 years time”. I’m in luck then.

“He who walks with wise men will be wise, but the companion of fools will be destroyed.” (Proverbs 13:20).

Life being a personal trainer in Dubai is not all roses, as hard as I try and as hard as I study I cant help everyone that pays for my services. I really do try and over the years my success rate has gone up exonentially. I know there is still more I can do to get a better success rate for my Clients and to help my team get better results. A particualr area that will be a massive help is assisting Clients in their personal and spiritual development. the good news is that I know of some excellent courses and resources for this and have a plan to get stuck into it. Look out Dubai!

Generally and I wonder if its true in most major cities I meet lots of people that suffer from high stress levels, Im talking about psychogical stress becuase of course there are 6 main sources of stress. People tend to push themselves too much or maybe its just the people I tend to come into contact with, anyway I have focused a great deal in a myriad of ways to help my personal training Clients to help reduce and at the very least counter-balance their high stress levels. The negative affects of stress can be seen in so many ways from feeling dizzy and faint during exercise to poor concentration, lack of confidence and inability to handle personal conflict, both external and internal conflict.

I still feel a little out of place in some of the best hotels and private gyms in the world training Mr ‘Big Success’ but I love it and always will.

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