Gaining Muscle, The key to Fast and Effective long term Weight Loss

I often speak to people, especially women who call me to tell me the last thing they want to do is to “Get Bulky”

Gaining Muscle

This is often at the consultation stage or during the first or second personal training session. I find a lot of my female Clients often need to hear the science behind why they won’t get large muscles a couple of times until they are totally convinced.

Once they start to see the fantastic results they can achieve then they are totally sold.

To highlight this let me give you the statistics from an old Client of mine, Jo Adshead.

  • Kilos Lost: 6
  • Muscle Gained in Biceps Measurement: 1.5 inches
  • Dress Sizes Lost: From a 12 to a 10 !

Believe me, before she had to leave for the UK, Jo looked fantastic.

Depending on the research paper you read the amount of extra calories you can burn from one extra kilo of muscle can be as much as 500 Kcal’s per day, which is a substantial amount, if you gain 4 kilos of lean muscle that would mean you are burning an extra 2000 Kcal’s per week. Even if you were to take a sensible projection of half that amount, wouldn’t that be useful for your body fat loss goals?

The major benefit of gaining muscle is the type of training you will be required to do, at Healthy 4 U we use a ‘Metabolic Booster Program’ with our Clients, it’s called this because doing a weights workout, especially a circuit based one will raise your metabolism for up to 72 hours.

Lets put that into context; a run at 70% intensity for one hour, excluding the warm-up will raise the metabolism for approximately 6 hours, so the Metabolic Booster workout raises your metabolism for up to 2.75 days longer, that’s an improvement of 1200%.

The other great element about training with a high intensity circuit is the high calorie burn element. I estimate that you can burn about 500 Kcal’s during this workout, at least.

For the women reading this I want to clarify why you are not going to get “Bulky” with a Metabolic Booster type program combined with a healthy eating system.

Women have one tenth the amount of testosterone that men have, this means almost one tenth the chance that men have of gaining large muscles.

Women have lots more estrogen which inhibits muscle growth.

You will not be doing the typical sets and rest with heavy weights that is required to build muscle.

Your diet will not be geared to muscle gain, to gain muscle you generally need to eat a lot of protein and 6-8 meals a day, depending on your individual metabolic requirements.

So there you go, get out there and get “Metabolic Boosting”

For more information on the types of exercise that are highly beneficial have a look at the following Charles Poliquin article, one of Healthy 4 U’s trusted partners:

Good Luck with your health and fitness goals

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