How to lose weight fast, the Healthy 4 U way. Question and Answer Session

In this blog post I want to share with you the keys to successful, healthy, long-term body fat loss.

Question: Is diet the most important factor when trying to lose weight fast?

  • It will really depend on your specific situation, for some people 99% of the work that needs doing may be in regard to their holistic health, things like handling stress well, getting enough, well timed, great quality sleep or improving their digestion could be the thing that helps them lose a lot of weight as quickly as possible.
  • For others, especially people who are exercising and don’t have any specific imbalances in their foundational health systems then improving their diet could be the key factor for them.

Question: Is there an optimum diet to lose weight fast or is this simply a fallacy?

  • There will be never one exact diet that will suit everyone. As we all look differently on the outside, we all are different on the inside and react to foods and diets differently. A principles that comes into play here is called biochemical individuality, this principle states that we all have an individual response to certain vitamins, minerals and nutrients.
  • However there are certain elements of a healthy diet that can be tried and tested by every individual to see what does and does not work for you.
  • A Paleolithic diet is one that gives our bodies what it is genetically pre-disposed to eat. A diet that is natural for our bodies. Our time on earth during the cavewomen/caveman days is proportionally so much longer than the time we have been living a modern life with food storage, agriculture and increasingly of late public transport and sedentary jobs. Therefore it is ingrained in our genetic structure to eat the types of foods we ate during the Paleo era. A Paleo diet would include meats, vegetables, fruits, nuts, oils, seeds, eggs, fish and water and not much else.
  • I know it might seem hard to chuck out the bread, sugar products, sodas and coffee, however, believe me, the difference you will feel will amaze you and all those around you.
  • I have already mentioned what to drink; water and water only, if you find the taste boring then add some fresh lemon or orange to it.
  • It’s important that you avoid foods you are intolerant or sensitive to as these offending foods will cause inflammation in the gastro intestinal tract and this will contribute to ill health and weight gain.
  • Its also very important that you consume the right ratio of low glycemic carbs, I.e. vegetables to fats, oils and protein to give your bodies foundational homeostatic control system (the MOST important balance system in the body) what it needs to function well, therefore not disturbing the rest of your bodies systems. For more information on this check out the link:

Here are some extra general tips that I’m certain will come in very useful for your health journey:


To fine tune the ratios you eat you can use the following chart developed by Paul Check:

How to lose weight fast

If you are experiencing the short term responses at the bottom of the page, within 2 hours after food then you have eaten too much fat or protein. The top of the page is for too much carbohydrate. You can use this chart to figure out if you have gone off track during the initial learning period and use as a guide to bring your body into balance by doing one of the things in the blue arrow.

As an extra bonus, the left, middle section of the page is how you should feel if you’re healthy and eating to your metabolic type and on the middle, right of the page are some general health tips.

Question: You briefly mentioned listening to your body to see what works for you, could you please expand on that.

  • If you want to know how to lose weight fast then you need to be able to listen to your body and learn from the signals it gives you.
  • These are the signs to look out for: Do you feel healthy? Have you got a feeling of wellness? Are your emotions balanced? Are your energy levels consistent and level? Do you feel alert and aware? Do you feel calm and balanced?
  • If any one of these are out of balance due to what you can only put down to the food you ate then try to figure out what it was, was your portion size incorrect? Was the ratio of carbs, protein or fat wrong? Did you eat something you were possibly intolerant or sensitive to? Then the next time you eat you can change these factors and look out for your body’s response.
  • In no time at all you will have a deep insight into how your body works and what foods give you life fueling nutrition.
  • This might sound like hard work, but after all, life isn’t worth living if you don’t grow and what a wonderful and extremely useful way to grow, being able to listen to your body to choose the food that will give you mental clarity and great energy levels.

Good Luck with your health and fitness goals...

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