Lost 43 kgs

Gareth Roberts

I transformed my health, my confidence, my relationships and my career with losing weight with Healthy 4 U's help.

Lost 21 kgs


My whole body looks totally different, the best thing Tim probably saved my life, I had a heart condition I didn’t know about and the Doctor said if I hadn’t been training I would have probably died.

Lost 12 kgs

Bridie Macdonald

I needed to get in shape for my wedding, with Tim I lost 6 inches from my waist, 12kgs of fat and felt amazing.

Lost 8 kgs


Wow, I lost 8kgs of fat in only 6 weeks!

Lost 18 kgs


My life got so much better, I lost 18 kgs of fat, gained muscle tone and fixed my digestion which was causing me lots of problems.

Lost 11 kgs


Lost 11kgs and transformed his heart condition into great health and a boatload of confidence.

Disclaimer:*There's no guarantee of specific results and that the results can vary.

Dubai's Healthy Weight Loss Experts

Do you want amazing results? Do you want to look fantastic and be the best you can possibly be?

Disclaimer:*There's no guarantee of specific results and that the results can vary.

  • Healthy 4 U is really very different to a ‘normal’ personal training company.
  • It is the Number 1 body fat loss solution created to get you in the best shape of your whole life and transform your life in the process – guaranteed.
  • The systems we have developed combined with our experience and the experts we’ve leant from have resulted in countless success stories.
  • We hope you contact us today and become one of those success stories.

Our 4 Systems that Guarantee Results

Our Super Successful Diet System

Nutrition is such a key factor that Tim Garrett, the company’s founder has spent 17 years creating the BEST diet system in the personal training industry.

Our USP: Holistic Health Coaching

Removing health blocks is essential, most people don’t realise it but they have at least one. We are experts in this area. We fix your possible thyroid, low energy, digestion, stress and sleep problems.

Our Workouts: Burn Double the Amount of Calories

You want results, our workouts get you those results. Its the worlds best system for burning up to 790 Kcals per session, raising your metabolism for up to 72 hours after your workout and helping you build muscle tone so you can lose even more fat.

Our Accountability and
Motivational Coaching

We create an exciting and realistic goal and help you turn that into a burning desire. We keep in contact with you and keep you motivated until you achieve your goal.

Why You Should Trust Us

Tim Garrett, the company's founder has spent 17 years passionately seeking the worlds best fat loss solutions.
He has met with the industries greatest minds, taken their courses and soaked up their systems for weight loss and health. We've taken the best of the best and put it into a package to help you transform your life

What We Can Do For You

We offer:- One to one personal training (at your home, apartment buildings gym or our partner gyms)
- Health Coaching for weight loss, thyroid issues and other degenerative health imbalances
- Group classes and organised retreats

Why we are Unique

We really have worked on our craft so that you will experience life changing results it truly takes years, of experience,a positive, can do anything attitude and the worlds best knowledge s to help people who have tried everything to lose weight but failed
to actually lose weight andto feel amazing about themselves