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  • Most people are caught up in the latest diet or it could be the opposite side of the coin: eating displacement food, food which actually kills us slowly and ruin our health and therefore our metabolism.
  • I teach my Clients how to listen to their body so they can learn how to eat healthily. I teach them how to eat the right amount naturally so they don't overeat and why its then not necessary to count calories. I coach how dangerous under eating is and how to avoid it and why actually eating enough is so vital for fast & effective body fat loss, I then go into detail in regard to the hormonal and enzyme cascade that happens when people don't eat enough of the key nutrients.
  • I coach my health coaching Clients how to test for and treat a slow metabolism and low thyroid which is very often the problem when people can't lose weight with good diet and exercise. I coach them how to eat the right percentage of carbohydrates, protein and good quality fats to give their bodies most important balance system the fuel it needs to run properly which greatly affects all of the bodies important balance systems.
  • I teach them exactly how to eat a healthy diet for them as an individual with unique metabolic needs following the principle of metabolic individuality, as we all look different on the outside so we are all different on the inside and respond to food differently so I teach you how to respond to your bodies individual requirements.

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paul-testimonialI would like to share with you how Tim has helped me improve my quality of life and to make exercise a consistent norm in my life. I don’t want exercise to be a concern for me that is why I let Tim take care of all the details. I go and see him each session, I aim to have 4-5 sessions per week with him and he ensures I get a great workout each and every time. The advantage of this for me is that I know that I am getting exactly the exercise routines I need so that I can enjoy a healthy life. The other main advantage for me is that the training that Tim guides me through helps me remain sharp, focused and prepared for the hard work I put in to my own businesses.