Quick and Unusual Tips on Diet and Health

Here are the 10 Quick and Unusual Tips on Diet and Health for all of you:

  • 1. Don’t use a microwave, it heats food by oscillating it at about a billion times a second damaging the nutrients, vitamins and minerals in the food.
  • 2. Avoid Soy, 99% of it is genetically modified, playing havoc with the body.
  • 3. Look at for how many hours your body is ruining in a 24 hour day. Let me explain; If your rushing around, not getting good quality sleep, not hitting the sack by 11pm, your very stressed or causing unnecessary stress by eating badly or not digesting your food properly your biological body will be running faster than the 24 hours in a day which means your death force (the opposite of life force) is very high. Basically you’re killing yourself too quickly.
  • 4. The best time to have your post-workout shake is before you have stopped sweating, oh and make sure its natural, not a whey-protein shake.
  • 5. To design yourself a useful and effective workout program you need to look upon it as a 3 legged stool that will fall over without one of the legs. The three things are: 1: Your total movement. 2: The quality of your diet. 3: The quality of your rest/downtime/sleep.
  • 6. If you’re a busy person and want to achieve some fantastic goals in your life (like most people I meet) then you need to follow the example set by my most successful personal training Clients. Work hard but be ruthless about working-in; activity that generates energy like meditation, prayer, yoga, etc, etc.
  • 7. Learn to manage your emotions so you avoid emotional eating which is disastrous to your health. Any mind-body exercise will help with this like yoga, breathing exercises, stretching etc. Also develop yourself personally by going on a personal development journey; the results will pay for the hard work ten million times over.
  • 8. Create a foundation of positivity. Positive people are happier, healthier and achieve more than people who have a negative slant on the world.
  • 9. Did you know a healthy diet, the correct exercise program and meditation release an enzyme called Telomerase. This enzyme protects DNA and prevents anti-aging. It also helps people cope with stress and is linked to a feeling of wellbeing.
  • 10. In terms of diet: if it wasn’t here 10,000 years ago, don’t eat it.

Good Luck with your health and fitness goals.

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