Do You Want to Transform Your Life?

Here, I share with you how to create a healthy Life-Style change.

If I or a member of my team members can help one of our Clients achieve a life-style change then I consider our work to be a resounding success.

Right from the outset we try to install in our Clients the philosophy of being the type of person who is 'healthy'. The type of person, who eats healthily, takes care of their life style and exercises.

As soon as you’re in the zone you are acting like a healthy person. If you eat a healthy meal then work out 2 hours later you’re in the zone. Continuing this healthy way of life is the tricky bit, I will show you how to make it easier.

After all shouldn't incorporating exercise, stress control, diet and the other key health systems into your life be one of your top priorities?

Let me interject and talk about values for a moment.

My top 3 life values are family, health and wealth.

Yours may be different but whatever your goals and dreams may be in life I really believe it is important to consider how much of a difference being healthy and vital can make in your quest towards your goals.

Whatever you value and are striving toward, great health and vitality can only help.

Let's look into some examples:

If your goal is to make $15,000,000 (ok so that's not enough to live on but it’s a start :) then having the energy to put in the focus, long work days and passion into achieving that goal is absolutely essential. Imagine the opposite for a moment, if you get frequent colds, can't wake up easily in the morning or you don't have the energy to focus at work then how are you going to able to have a fighting chance of achieving that goal?

Or let's say you have an important meeting early in the morning, although it is possible to get yourself psyched up mentally and perform at a decent level during that meeting, I believe that's it’s impossible to perform at an optimum level without a base conditioning of health and fitness.

Let's say you want to have a peaceful and nourishing family life at home with your partner. If you’re over stressed, under rested and have been on a blood sugar rollercoaster all day long from eating heavy carbs and sugary food. This would mean you will be short tempered and on-edge when you get home from work, how do you hope to communicate with your partner in a loving way? Even if you think you can control yourself, do you really think you can foster a deep connection being in that state?

I would like to highlight some of my experiences over the last 15 years. One as a way to highlight some of the possible benefits and two to highlight some of the Healthy 4 U success stories. This, I hope will give you some inspiration for change.

As you can imagine I have come across all sorts of people since I started as a fitness instructor in a local gym after I finished my college studies over 15 years ago.

On a daily basis I see the many benefits my Clients receive. The kind of benefits that change their lives, often in profound ways.

I often see Clients that lose body fat, feel healthier and tone up, that's normal. What really intrigues me are the stories behind why people are motivated to change and the feelings behind their success. This is the juicy part.

There are some attributes that my successful Clients posses that enable them to stand on the winner’s podium. I would like to highlight these below. Rather than list these attributes by bullet points let me use real life examples instead.

As an overriding theme the more a person can develop themselves mentally and spiritually the easier implementing a life-style change will be. Please don't take this point lightly, it is one of the biggest, un-talked about keys to goal achievement there is.

Any Client that comes to meet me for an initial consultation who is obviously passionate and super keen to achieve their goal is off to a great start. There are many elements to this.

Let me talk about a Client, let’s call him John. I won’t divulge his real name for Client confidentiality reasons.

Although John was struggling with his weight and poor eating habits when he met me, he had a very clear vision of where he wanted to go and what he wanted to achieve. He was obviously motivated by his vision and I presume he had thought about how achieving it would look and feel like.

His particular goal was to lose 10 Kgs of body fat, develop approximately 5 Kgs of lean muscle and eat healthily 80% of the time in 14 weeks from the date we first met for our Consultation. A very well thought out and precise goal, one that was also achievable.

As I came to understand after sometime John also knew what he wanted from a personal trainer. He also was interested in a developing good rapport with the trainer he chose. He knew how important the relationship element of one to one training was.

I have to say that John is a dream Client. He was prepared to do the hard work involved and took complete responsibility for his results, even though he was working with a coach for guidance he knew that at the end of the day achieving his goal was up to him. This has served him well.

In total John has lost 14 Kgs of body fat and gained approximately 4 Kgs of lean muscle. His diet is great apart from his allowed cheat meal once a week. As of this writing I have been training John for 16 months, to stick to a regular training regime and eat well for 16 months, that's no easy task! In fact I take my hat off to John and congratulate him on his hard work and persistence.

The greatest thing that John has achieved is creating a life-style change. One that has endured the test of time. Now that John has created that life-style change being healthy is natural for him, it is part of his self, his personality and way of life.

Of course he is still a human being, recently he had a pizza and a diet Pepsi, certainly not healthy food but when you do so well most of the time a meal like this is absolutely fine, in fact I encourage my Clients to enjoy it.

An important element to John’s success is also his analytical mind, I know he is the kind of person that is continually focusing on his goals and coming up with more and more reasons for achieving his goal. I sometimes do the following exercise which is to write at least 100 reasons why achieving my goal will help me in life, I find this extremely beneficial. The more reasons you can have and the more powerful some of them are the more likely you are to achieve your goals.

I think John’s example is enough because it incorporates nearly all of the essential elements of goal achievement.

Good luck with achieving your Life-Style change.

Kind Regards,

Tim Garrett.
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